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Ten science and technology projects are carring out
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贵州11选5投注Our company established ten science and technology projects after a careful study  ,it has positive significance to the development of the company's future。 Wanfang company 's purpose of this project in 2014  is  : around 2 to 3 years to create the international first-class carbon enterprise strategic goals,  to create a first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class management, first-class level of cost control; Develop multi-level and multi-dimensional support expert technical team, to realize a qualitative leap the project is as follows:

一、Market demand information research

二、The raw material of accurate formula research

三、Smoke extraction technology

四、Based on the present situation of baking furnace roasting gas energy-saving research

五、To improve the lifetime of calcination furnace

六、To improve the lifetime of baking furnace

贵州11选5投注七、Sulfur behavior research

八、The projectile coke behavior research

九、The molding  of second stage formula research

十、Calcination, roasting gas discharging standard research

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